How we serve the GENERAL CONTRACTOR?

We get at least 3 quotes from subcontractors. We work around their price and needs. This gives us the opportunity to divide work among different crews. We always have a backup crew if one follows short, gets another job or simply quits. We never leave our general contractor hanging. On the other hand we always have the power to pull a subcontractor out of a job for whatever reason. All these helps us verify we are getting a FAIR and competitive price for the general contractor and the subcontractor, as well as having a full support team for handling any size project and deliver ON-TIME.

How we empower our SUBCONTACTOR?

We support our subcontractors to deliver a better and faster service. We do this by having our own on-site support crew. They are there only to support the subcontractor by cleaning the site and handling the finishing touches so the main crew can keep on going. They are also responsible for handling the equipment. We always have full rental equipment on-site to make their work faster, easier and safer. Why rental?…We don’t waste time fixing equipment. Neither our time, our subs time, nor the main project schedule. We always have new equipment and only the amount of equipment needed at the phase of the project. We also have the best price by producing a bidding war between equipment suppliers. All these so our subcontractors can deliver ON-TIME and give us a better but FAIR price that we pass on to the General Contractor.

About our EMPLOYEES?

We always have a support crew on-site; beside them we have a superintendent also. He is there to make sure our subcontractors always deliver QUALITY and TIMELY service. He serves as a buffer between the General Contractor and the subcontractors. He is responsible for always having the material on-site, equipment and knowledge so tradesmen can deliver. Subcontractors don’t waste time on meetings, change orders, payments, invoices etc. our superintendent does that for them, hence always keeping the project running on time. He makes sure our subcontractors get paid every Friday by our main office, ALWAYS come rain or shine. He also makes sure all our subcontractors and crewmembers follow OSHA safety regulations all the time. He is there to support the General Contractor keep up with the schedule, and make sure our people deliver ON-TIME and with the QUALITY we promise. All our employees get paid every Friday to compensate their time, but most importantly we at INVESTA share our profits simply because we think they deserve it but most importantly because they have EARN it. This way the General Contractor gets a highly motivated superintendent to support him in anyway to deliver our trades in a FAIR, ON-TIME and good QUALITY manner.


This is how we at INVESTA BELIEVE is the best way we can SERVE YOU!

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